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Why Mallorca?

Mallorca, more than a party island!

travel to and from mallorca

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Mallorca, located in the Mediterranean Sea offers everything the spoiled traveler wants.

Being there is one big experience and coming there is affordable and there are many flights throughout the year.

In the winter months there are still an average of 240 flights per day to and from various destinations in Europe, rising to more than 400 flights in the high season.

Another big advantage is that if you are not obliged to fly on certain days, the tickets are relatively cheap. Many low-cost carriers fly to Mallorca.

If you want it more luxuriously, the airport of Palma de Mallorca is perfectly equipped for private aircrafts. Whether you charter it or own it, landing there is excellent and parking is no problem.

Check tickets to Mallorca

Mallorca culture

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Mallorca has a lot to offer in culture.

It starts of course with the beautiful cathedral in the capital Palma de Mallorca to the beautiful villages, museums and castles.

Furthermore, Mallorca has a variety of bodegas, where you are always welcome to taste locally made quality wines.

There is unique architecture on Mallorca from very classic to the ultra modern pier designed by Philippe Starck in Port Adriano.

And with 23 golf clubs, there is always a golf club that takes your handicap as a challenge.

Look at the link below for a good overview of what Mallorca has to offer in the cultural field!

Culture on Mallorca

Mallorca nature

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What many people do not know is that Mallorca has breathtaking nature. From the beautiful olive plantations, through the Tramuntana Mountains and inland, to the nature parks, it's all present and unique.

Certainly because Mallorca is an island, it is unique that there is such a variety of nature. And due to the size of the island, mostly it is never more than a 1-hour drive from where you are.

In conclusion, you are therefore also at the right place for nature in Mallorca. And if you want to combine everything, this is perfectly possible in Mallorca. You will not be bored here!

For more information about nature in Mallorca you can click on the link below.

Nature on Mallorca

Mallorca gastronomy

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From a delicious and complete "menu del dia" in one of the many Cafeterias for around 10 euros to the ultimate enjoyment in a restaurant with 2 Michellin stars, it is all possible on Mallorca.

Because of the cultural tradition, the location and the arrival of many nationalities, Mallorca is a culinary paradise with something for everyone.

Finding the best Paella is already worth a search, especially in the small restaurants that are often visited by the locals they maintain this tradition and often give it exceptional flavors.

Only the gastronomy is already an excellent reason to buy or rent a property in Mallorca!

Via the link below you will come to the Michellin guide, there you can already enjoy the luxury possibilities!

Gastronomy on Mallorca
Calle Ramon de Montcada 32 locales 10 & 11
Santa Ponsa (Baleares)
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  • Calle Ramon de Montcada 32 locales 10 & 11
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